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    1. John Gormley Live (11/22/11)
    2. Is God a Daughter Killer? (7/16/11)
    3. An Interview With Spiritually Raw (2/25/11)
    4. The Anointed Cherub's Got You Covered (2/4/11)
    5. The Exorcism of the Pope (1/23/11)
    6. The Year the World Learns There's No Devil (1/7/11)
    7. Jesus Christ's Super Star - The Star of September 11, 3 BC (1/1/11)
    8. The Looking Glass of the Psychic (12/3/10)
    9. I Saw Satan Fall Like Lightning (11/10/10)
    10. John Gormley Live (10/26/10)
    11. The Baggage That Comes With Satan (10/7/10)
    12. Top Ten Reasons There is No Satan (8/26/10)
    13. Can Satan Cast out Satan? (8/12/10)
    14. Loosing of Satan Part 2 (7/15/2010)
    15. How Many Gods Do We Have? (4/19/10)
    16. Casting Demons Into Swine (2/19/10)
    17. Is Satan the Anointed Cherub? (10/6/09)
    18. Where Do the Dead Go? (9/2/09)
    19. Imagine There's No Satan - Even in Job (8/19/09)

Top Ten Reasons There is No Satan (8/26/10)

What a year. We have had a great year on the Imagine There’s No Satan Show. Thank you to all our listeners for coming back time and again. Thanks for all the emails and messages with your kind thoughts and comments.

How many Gods are there? Has Christianity adopted an ancient lie about who and what Satan is? On this special show at a special time, Jim and Angellah will be bringing you the Top Ten Reasons Satan Doesn’t Exist. This show will give you clear and concise information showing why there is no Satan in the Bible.

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The Baggage That Comes With Satan (10/7/10)

So you say the truth matters…well we agree. But what does it matter if you believe in Satan? The road to find out if Satan is real or not is long. And many who hold to a Satan doctrine stand in the place where they say it doesn’t matter if someone believes in Satan. But maybe it does matter if we believe in Satan. Experience shows that not one person who has truly investigated their belief in Satan stays in the place where they say Satan is real. So for today, let's use the part of us that is brave enough to know God will protect us if we seriously explore the belief in Satan. Can we trust God to protect us while we consider the Satan concept or is Satan too strong for Jesus?

What happens when we believe in Satan? How are our beliefs affected by having a Satan theology? Is it wise to believe in Satan and expect not to have our entire theology affected? Many who find out Satan is not real soon learn how deep into their beliefs Satan has traveled. Believing in Satan can lead to a whole bunch of connected beliefs about Satan, God, and Hell. Satanic sympathizers often believe in a torturous Hell; a risk of being overtaken by demons; the appearance of ghosts and goblins; the need to teach their children Satan is after them, and many other dangerous doctrines of demons we will share on this show.

We invite you to listen and find out what the bottom line is on believing in Satan. What is at stake and what beliefs come with having Satan in your life? Getting rid of Satan might just be the first step to freeing yourself from a whole pile of demonic doctrines.

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Imagine There's No Satan - Even in Job (8/19/09)

How can God allow Satan to launch a campaign against the righteous Job? Where does Yahweh get off letting Satan kill Job's family and destroy Job's business? What kind of a God does that? What kind of a father would allow such a vicious attack to carry on and not destroy the attacker? Is the Creator too weak to destroy Satan? Or maybe the Satan in Job is not a cosmic entity imbued with supernatural power. Hear how "the satan" (ha sawtawn) is a human adversary that worships at the same Temple Job did. If you would like, you can read Chapter 10 - The Satan in Job, Human Adversary or Evil Incarnate. If you are ready to question the idea of a literal Satanic entity, then you won't regret the time spent listening to this episode. Listen in as we hear who and what showed up with the Sons of God before the Lord, in Job's tale. Who or what does Job blame for all the evil he was exposed to? Undoubtedly you will see how Christian and Jewish theologians have made quite the errors in teaching that the satan in Job is a supernatural archenemy of Yahweh or a Crown Prosecutor who works for God. Listen in as we lay out the simple story of Job and the satan that almost obliterated him.

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Is Satan the Anointed Cherub? (10/6/09)

“Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth” says the King James Version of the bible. Christianity has claimed this passage show us Satan’s beginnings as the music leader in Heaven. But who is this character who was a powerful and persuasive entity of great wealth? Join us for this thought provoking show that continues to dismantle the common notion of Satan. Is it possible that all the references in Ezekiel thought to be about Satan are simply talking about an ancient King and the powerful nation he ruled?

In this show Jim and Angellah discuss the idea that says Lucifer was the "music leader" in heaven before he was cast out. Could it really be that God created an angel without free will to serve Him but this glorious creature of music somehow chose to abandon his appointed role? What then are the references in Ezekiel that say things like..."you were perfect"..."you were on the holy mountain of God"... “you were in Eden nd you walked among the stones of fire". Or the ever misunderstood statement,... “because of your beauty you became corrupt"? Was there a Satan who was too beautiful to behold and turned on God only to become a hideous creature of evil who is able to transform himself into beautiful forms to trick humanity?

On this amazing broadcast, Jim and Angellah will discuss more than just the anointed cherub. The Imagine There's No Satan Show will cover a lot of ground with thoughts on psychics and spiritual phenomena as well as dialoguing about the metaphorical style of writing that has become Christianity's Bible of today. Join us for this riveting hour of interesting discussion.

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Casting Demons Into Swine (2/19/10)

Demons into swine. It is one of the most intriguing stories about the Messiah in the New Testament. This tale is held on to by Christianity as proof that demons and Satan are real and that Jesus sent the demons into a herd of pigs.

Were there really pigs that died and devils that begged to go into the pigs? What went on out there? On this broadcast, Jim and Angellah take a look at this story from the cultural setting it happened in. Finding out what the swine and demons are and learning how lunatics were treated and behaved in the first century, opens up an astounding possibility. It is possible that Christ wasn’t destroying the livelihood of local farmers by sending demonic spirits into defenceless pigs… only to have these spirits freed when the swine died in the sea.

On The Demons Into Swine edition of the Imagine There’s No Satan Show, you will get all the information you need to see that Yeshua, the 1st Century teacher and leader, was mistaken by the lunatics as a man who came to the cemetery to torment the lunatics for entertainment. What does it mean to be "tormented before the time" if you are cemetary dwelling lunatic? As society's pariahs, these men with multiple personalities and many wrong ideas about God, were simply crazy…and maybe that is the meaning of their demon possession. Tune in to this eye opening show.

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I Saw Satan Fall Like Lightning (11/10/10)

I Saw Satan Fall Like Lightning - Did He just say Satan fell?... Well then he must mean Satan is real right? Hold on a minute. Did Jesus believe in Satan and follow the Greek thinking of Christians today? On this show Jim and Angellah welcome you into the discussion about who or what fell like lighting. Did Jesus use this moment to affirm the doctrine of Satan that Christianity teaches? What was going on for Christ and the apostles during this exchange?

On this broadcast we talk about the way Yeshua used common language and phrases to express himself to his listeners. Listen in to hear what Christ might have been referring to upon the return of his disciples from their mission to the masses. Is He referring to the fall of Lucifer as contemporary thought and Christian teaching suggests? Or is there a connection in his statement to the real Satan of the day. Our discussion will include the explanation of what Lucifer's fall was; how simply this is shown to be about a human king and not a cosmic fallen angel.

Together we explore the possibility that the Satan of the day is the false religion and the false doctrine of the Pharisees. Maybe we have it wrong in Christianity. If Lucifer was not a fallen angel, as we will discuss on this episode, then what else could Christ be talking about? Perhaps we can see Christ to be speaking to a more insidious Satan that he “saw fall” - the satanas that slithers its way into every church in America; the satanas of man-made doctrine and man-made religion.

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Can Satan Cast out Satan? (8/12/10)

Is there a civil unrest in Hell? If the devil gives you a disease can the devil remove it? If one demon makes you rich so you pledge your allegiance to Satan can another Demon steal your money? If you are inhabited by an unclean spirit could a Satan worshipper remove the demon from you? The idea of Satan casting out Satan makes one think. It made Yeshua think too when the Pharisees accused Him of casting out demons by the power of the Prince of Demons. What the Messiah thought of the illogical reasoning of the religious leaders was quite clear. “Don’t be ridiculous,” He said. “If Satan casts out Satan then his whole kingdom will fall.”

In this New Testament story we hear about Beelzebub and we see the Christ up to His flawless best. His response reduces His opponents to a group of illogical, power hungry and jealous men. But does the mention of Beelzebub by Yeshua mean Beelzebub is real? How did the writer see an unclean spirit falling down in front of The Messiah? Can we see something such as an unclean spirit or is an unclean spirit a reference to a person?

Join Angellah and Jim for this revealing broadcast. You’ll get your answers to the questions of who and what Beelzebub is. Find out what an unclean spirit is, and see how the Christ wisely chose to address the lunacy of the Pharisees’ thinking. What a great rabbi… Pointing out the illogical doctrines of the false teachers was truly the best way to teach the people the Pharisees were not worth listening to. If you’re ready to find out that there is only One God then be a part of this amazing show. Remember to send a link to your Pastor or Sunday School teacher….they might thank you for helping them become monotheistic and getting rid of Satan forever.

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How Many Gods Do We Have? (4/19/10)

In this broadcast Jim and Angellah examine the God and Satan relationship in a way it has rarely been looked at before. There was a time when most of the world had a belief in many Gods. Gods for crops, gods for rain, gods for sickness, gods for health, and gods for wealth. The number of Gods that were looked to were only as limited as the imagination of the people. The God of the Scriptures however, seems to believe he is the only God. That’s right, according to Yahweh, there are no other gods. If that is so then how do any of the pagan Gods seem to exist? According to ancient and classical scholars, the Gods of other nations have become Christianity’s demons. Sure Christianity, Islam, and Judaism claim to be monotheistic but is that really the result of believing in Satan?

Is the One God of the universe blind, stupid, or confused to think He is the only God? Or has religion failed to see that a supernatural entity in the form of Satan is considered a God by the Scriptures….that is if he exists? What is a God according to the Bible? You will be very enlightened to find out who and what a God is when you join us on this broadcast.

Tune in to this eye opening discussion where we learn together that we don’t have to believe Satan is equal to or greater than the Yahweh of Scripture for Satan to be a god. We just have to believe Satan does the things God can do. After all, mocking the Gods of Egypt was done to show the world not that they were weaker than Yahweh, but that they don’t exist at all. Don’t miss this timely and liberating episode that deals with the question of, “how many Gods do we have?”

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Where Do the Dead Go? (9/2/09)

In this episode, we talk about where the dead go and discuss what Hell is. Do dead people go to Heaven or do they go to Hell? Or maybe they just float through space like a wandering lost soul..

What about children that die? I know it's a touchy subject but people are always curious about what happens after they die.

Listen in to hear where you will go when you're dead. Regardless of where you end up, does your soul go there the moment you die? And what is heaven and Hell? You won't believe how simple it is until you hear about it...but once you do you'll never forget the amazing truth about Hell.

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Loosing of Satan Part 2 (7/15/2010)

If you’re curious who gets loosed at the end of the thousand years in Revelation then this show just might be a godsend. Let’s figure this out together. We began our discussion about the mysterious thousand year reign of Christ a couple of shows ago but there is so much more to discuss. The idea that Satan is let loose after those years of bliss and near perfection is so outlandish that we must be able to find an answer that makes sense. Is there another conclusion that can be made? Do we really have to look forward to all those years of peace only to see the evil lord of Hell let loose to sew deception and war one last time? Why doesn’t Yahweh keep the devil chained up? Is God that stupid? On this show Jim and Angellah look closer at the idea of resurrections in the Bible. The wicked are resurrected at some point in the biblical timeline and if we look closely at the Hebraic understanding of God’s 7000 year plan we find the loosing of Satan meets squarely with the end of 6000 years. Can we see the loosing of Satan as the resurrection of the wicked dead? It may just be that simple; but join us to hear more about how the resurrection is possibly going to take place and how the wicked are Satan. Tune in to hear how any deceivers that are resurrected have to be men according to the Bible.

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The Anointed Cherub's Got You Covered (2/4/11)

Why are we told Satan is the Anointed Cherub, an angel who once played beautiful music in heaven? Is it right to point to a passage in the Bible (Ezekiel 28) that talks about a king and say it is about Satan? This passage is one of the most go-to texts for religion to try to prove there is a Satan.

Join Jim and Angellah to find out why religion has made a little mistake or two in coming to this conclusion. To make sense of an ancient story about an anointed cherub is not difficult. We just have to listen to the words of the writer. The writer says he is a “King,” a “prince,” and “a man.” How could this man be Satan? Listen in to find out who the anointed cherub is and how we’ve been led to believe it was God’s favourite angel singing popular songs in Heaven.

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The Year the World Learns There's No Devil (1/7/11)

There are so many things to worry about in this world why should we have to worry about the Devil? Believe it or not one of the smallest of your worries should be about Satan. Why? Because Satan isn’t real. Some will scoff and say sure he is real and others will say, “Well I knew that he wasn’t real,” but very few of us will ever find out why Christendom believes in the Devil today. How did Satan get into Christianity and was it because the Bible teaches a literal cosmic devil? Are you going to be the one who seriously investigates the belief in Satan? Will you be bold enough to honestly ask why religion has such a hard time shedding the notion of a secondary god, an imaginary being who is said to be Lord of the Underworld and the god of this world? Where did the idea come from that says Satan was once an angel but for some crazy reason he didn’t like the way things were so perfect in Heaven so he got himself kicked out? This is the year the world learns there’s no Devil and a great place to start that journey is right here. It’s quite simple; by seeing the trail through history of the idea of a devil we can begin to understand how religion has truly demonized a simple biblical teaching on evil.

Join Jim and Angellah as they put the pieces together and find out all about the ancient path that placed Satan into Christian theology. For most of us, the only reason we believe in the devil is because we haven’t been given a better suggestion.

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The Looking Glass of the Psychic (12/3/10)

Psychics, Small, Medium or, Large…Can They Help You if You Just Believe? Last week we interrupted our regular broadcast to bring a show on psychics. We had a special guest, ex-psychic John Anderson and we explored the "paranormal" psychic realm. Amid all the “psychic” claims and “psychic” readings from our callers and guest, Jim, Angellah, and John Anderson shared a few insights on how psychics ply their trade. So for this “psychic” special, Jim and Angellah will cover pertinent information to will help us see through the psychic looking glass to understand what is going on with this phenomena. We will discuss why it seems like your psychic taps into supernatural sources to glean information about your past, present, and yet-to-be-determined future. We will present information that explains the many facets of the evolving psychic dance. Hold the phone on the psychic hotline because you won’t get a reading on this show. What you will get is the inside scoop on ancient psychics, present psychics, and psychics from all time; how they do it, why people believe it, why God prohibits it, and how can you see through it. A little hint to get you going….if the word “psychic” refers to extremely sensitive and intuitive individuals who utilize physical attributes to interpret physical stimulus, then most of us could be called psychics--not the supernatural kind of today's psychic menu.

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Is God a Daughter Killer? (7/16/11)

On this show Jim and Angellah take a turn into the dark side. This macabre episode deals with some really astounding human issues. Would you kill your daughter to please God?

On a special Hot Summer topic show, we are going to query God for killing Jephtha’s daughter...wait a minute…maybe we are going to fry the idea that there once was a man who killed his daughter because he made a rash vow.

If you don’t know the story, you can join us to hear about it or check it out in Judges Chapter 11.  One thing about this tale is that many a seeker has decided they can’t believe in a God who does this kind of stuff.

Do tune in to hear the amazing explanation of just what Jephtha’s daughter’s fate was. You won’t be confused about this terribly confused story about a man and a girl with no name, who many believe was killed as a sacrifice thousands of years ago.

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The Exorcism of the Pope (1/23/11)

In this broadcast, Jim goes into Part Two of the exorcism series. What is the exorcism of the Pope? Does the Catholic Rite of Exorcism stand up to the test of Scripture, logic, and authority? Listen in to this timely broadcast to hear why the Pope could use an exorcism himself and why exorcism and deliverance, according to the way Christendom deals with it today, is a long way from what the apostles and Christ did when they removed "demons" of disease, mental illness, and false doctrine. If you or someone you know has been battling demons, then take a page out of the book of a lady who learned Satan is not real. She said, “When I stopped believing in Satan, demons stopped chasing me."

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Jesus Christ's Super Star - The Star of September 11, 3 BC (1/1/11)

What was the Super Star that supposedly hung over Bethlehem in the first century? I will be explaining the Woman clothed with the sun that John talks about in Revelation. I could have added a little more clarity to the teaching on the Christmas broadcast, but I missed some important info. So check back soon and listen to the short post on Jesus Christ's Super Star. You will leave feeling fully satisfied that the star over Bethlehem was not just a myth or mere coincidence.

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An Interview With Spiritually Raw (2/25/11)

You won’t want to miss this rebroadcast of a live interview on the Spiritually Raw radio show. Tune in to hear the topic of Satan and truth discussed from a perspective outside of typical religious thinking. Jim gets to visit with A. J. and April Matta for this show. The Spiritually Raw hosts asked some tough questions, a couple callers tried to put Jim in a corner and thanks to the wonders of the Internet, thousands more seekers were exposed to the idea that Satan is not real. This interview will promise to keep you intrigued. Can there be a God and no Satan? Did the Pentecostal church train its followers to talk in tongues? Does reincarnation make sense when compared to death and a future resurrection? Listen in as these topics and more are discussed in this exciting forum.

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John Gormley Live (10/26/10)

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John Gormley Live (11/22/11)

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Thanks again Jim & Angellah for another a great show.  What I'm appreciating today is your consistent Biblicism.  I was thinking today that many people who begin seriously questioning the foundations of their faith end up rejecting it altogether and becoming either agnostic or atheistic or (like you say at the end of the show) they reject part of their faith like the NT and so start down the path of heresy.  I don't know if you passed through a period of agnosticism or atheism, but if you did, you clearly made it through to reclaim and rebuild your faith based solidly on the foundation of the Bible.  That's what I'm appreciating today.  Your show is like; no, it's not like, it IS a solid and thorough (and also entertaining) Bible study from beginning to end.  Wow, you especially grabbed my attention with the Jeremiah verse, "The HEART is deceitful above all things..." and then asked, "You mean to say that my heart is more evil than Satan?"  That's a pretty jarring question!

Thanks for keeping me thinking,

W**** B***



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