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James R. Brayshaw
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

James R. BrayshawJames R. Brayshaw spent years studying, teaching, and writing about the religion he was raised in. His research about the origin of Satan has brought him to become an authority on the subject. He lives in Western Canada with his wife and two sons. James has worked to extinguish the fire of hell and Satan with the tenacity needed to fight a three alarm blaze.

His passion for research and pursuit to understand why we believe what we believe, has led to this revealing and informed work on the non-existence of a cosmic Satan. Brayshaw finds answers that make sense to questions about religious beliefs. James R. Brayshaw has journeyed through Pentecostal Christianity where, after serving as a leader for 11 years, he was eventually asked to leave for questioning the status quo of traditional teaching. This once charismatic Christian has found freedom from Christianity's most notorious demon by taking the traditional teachings of religion to the grindstone of sound research.

James presents the concept that Satan is not a creation of God but is a fabrication of man. His work shows how history and the Bible support this view. This engaging author and teacher will move you to find answers to the difficult questions of religion. Or at the very least, encourage you to begin asking questions of your own. Brayshaw's belief is that everyone can find the truth about Satan and Hell if they honestly investigate their beliefs and search for answers. There are few authors who take the time to unravel the most convoluted teachings of religion with the clarity and commitment Brayshaw does. James can be heard on the "Imagine There's No Satan" radio show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jrbrayshaw

Taking The Time To Find Out

After 30 years in organized religion, I found that questioning the church doctrine didn’t sit well with the leaders. After being kicked out for challenging some sacred cows of a large Pentecostal church I began asking questions of some of the most entrenched ideas of religion. I realized there were some amazing things to learn if I just took the time to find out. After 6 or 7 years of research about the fallen angel Satan, I was able to find out who and what he is. I was shocked to learn that the simplest reading of passages that undergird Christianity's doctrine of Satan had nothing to do with a supernatural entity who aims his evil arrows our way. After publishing my first book on the topic, I began to aim my arrows at the false doctrines of the Church. No not at the wonderful people that go to these buildings rather it is the errors and inconsistencies I shoot for. My wife and I host an internet radio show that deals with all the issues surrounding the existence of Satan. We've seen people experience true freedom from fear and confusion when they learn Satan is not real. One reader put it this way “When I stopped believing in Satan demons stopped chasing me." Another sent me a note telling how his young son explains to friends that his nightmares are gone because he found out Satan isn't real. I truly enjoy researching and for those of you who are interested in finding out the truth about Satan I would be happy to share what I've learned. Get in touch and I can send you out an e-book for you to begin exploring this thousands year old lie about Satan.

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Just today found you while in search of good NT (or both, OT) version to read.  …I have been working from the start to seek the Eternal truth, not listening to a man until I "thought" I had enough Bible in me to not be lead astray.  Long story short, we left the building to learn, worship had become to ritual & in my opinion dead.  …  I can hardly mention to another what we've learned because of what is so deeply ingrained. 

I now know the difference between "religion" & being a child of the Eternal.   It has been a long journey to discover false doctrines & erase them.  I spent 2011, clearing my mind in search of what our Creator teaches instead of what man has taught.  I haven't had time to get into the doctrine of Satan yet, so when I saw your books I thought I'd just go ahead & check you out some.  NICE work!  I'll be adding your books to my collection. 

I thank you for your time, testimony & works.


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