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Satan: Christianity's Other God - Volume 1

Satan:  Christianity's Other God

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Start reading today and get all your questions answered as to why people believe in Satan and when and where this ancient myth entered common culture. Enjoy the depth of seven years of research and writing that culminates in this first Volume. You'll be glad you grabbed hold of one of the most educational, informational, and liberating books of the decade. This volume will not disappoint as you get to the bottom of the age-old Satan lie. Why be afraid of something that doesn't exist when you could find out how man created Satan and made him to be a god?

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Imagine There's No Satan - Volume 2

Imagine There's No Satan - Volume 2

Is Satan real?

Why does Christianity have Satan as such a  prime focus of their teaching? Get your e-book copy of Imagine There's No Satan today and start dismantling the unbiblical doctrine of Satan...a second lesser god who is said to torment people on earth and torture souls in hell.

Your copy will be sent right to your inbox and you will finally get the sensible answers you deserve to an unsensible concept that has guided the theology of Christianity for centuries.

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Who's The Devil Jesus Knew? - Volume 3

Who's The Devil Jesus Knew?

Experience Freedom!

In this Volume, our exploration pays off and answers are in no short supply. You are about to enjoy a catalogue of explanations that cover every reference to Satan in the New Testament. Together, we will see there is a way to make sense of the Satan in the Gospels. The Bible you have sitting on the shelf may indeed use the words Satan, devil, demon, and unclean spirit. But even though those crisp white pages are full of English words, something about understanding the Satan has been missed. It seems those words have fallen short of explaining the Hebraic meaning underlying the words and terms passed on to us. The resulting English translations have slightly missed how the original speaker intended his words to be understood. But we can move towards a safer understanding of Satan.

As you leaf through this volume and explore the explanations offered for New Testament references to Satan, I would like you to keep something very important in mind. Be assured that even if my explanation takes you away from what you have believed about Satan before now, take heart because you are on your way to freedom--a freedom that has been out of reach until now; a freedom that offers some of the greatest benefits you have ever imagined possible. Join me on this quest for freedom and I guarantee you will grow in ways that will enrich your life. It won’t be long and you will understand the Creator better, as you enjoy the unabashed truth about who and what “the satan” really is.

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New!This is It Satan is Finished! - Volume 4

This is It...Satan is Finished





Satan is Finished

In this landmark work, Author James R. Brayshaw puts an end to Satan forever.

Get out of the pew. No need to keep praying for protection from Satan and amnesty from Hell. In "This Is It...Satan Is Finished," we find out why Satan, the devil, demons, and Hell are not real.

They said it couldn't be done, but readers everywhere are glad Brayshaw did it. The final chapter is written and thousands are now enjoying the benefits of a Satan-free world.

From seeing who the Angel of Light is to identifying the Satanic Dragon of Revelation, every account of the "Evil One" is examined. And religion's Devil is shown to be far less supernatural than we have been told. Satan has no place as a literal entity in the Bible, in the world of Christ, or in a world where the Creator claims to be the One and Only God.

It is doubtful that there has ever been a more compelling thesis against the existence of Satan. "This Is It...Satan Is Finished" seals the case. This final book in a masterful four volume series renders the works of the Devil completely destroyed.

Eagerly, this fearless author brings the astonishing reality to the table. This epic tome takes each step with care, brilliance, and logic, on a panoramic journey that eliminates Satan forever.

Welcome to a world without Satan ... your world is about to get a whole lot brighter.

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Shalom Jim,

I have just ordered your three books on Satan.  I am currently studying this subject with my friend.  I am learning that virtually everything that I have been led to believe over my life about christianity/religion is pretty well false.  It is like I haven’t learnt anything at all, no reflection at all on my parents who were really the best you can get; but I guess they too had been misled also and were not truth seekers as I am…   So you see He has led me here in continuance of the subject of satan that I am currently undertaking.  Thank you in advance for writing these books I have skimmed on a couple of the chapters and am genuinely intrigued and am looking forward to receiving them.

S**** * ***l



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