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This is it. We have found the way. The way to a Satan-free world. Satan is finished, gone forever. Everything will change now for you if it hasn’t already. We have covered every nook and cranny in the Bible that seems to speak of a literal cosmic Satan and found there is another explanation that maintains the integrity of Scripture and of a One God cosmos.
You, like me and many others who have come to the grand conclusion there is no supernatural satanic being, will be changed forever. But what kind of changes can you expect to experience upon concluding Satan is not real? First and foremost, I think you will find great solace in no longer having two gods in your belief system. It may not have been clear before now but with Satan in the mix, a believer has actually believed there are two Gods and therefore has failed to be the monotheist he or she has been told they are. For many, the fact they have found there is only One God in all the universe is comforting. There are no spiritual hoops to jump through or opposing cosmic forces to fear or avoid. No Hell to think on or demons to take over a child’s or grandchild’s “spirit”. No secondary being to distort your reality, the spiritual journey has no passengers it is just you and the Creator. How comforting to know that those are the only forces you need give any consideration to for your mortality. You need not include any secondary entity into your formula for whether you achieve a position in some type of future Kingdom. And no longer will you have to ponder if ghosts, spirits, and minions of Hell are tormenting or harassing you or your family. All those ideas dried up like a leaf dropping from a tree in autumn. A once colorful and vibrant leaf that was such an important part of the tree is no longer able to feed the tree in any way. So too has our once gripping belief in Satan, fallen from its place of prominence. Now an old thought that we are freed from, it has withered and fallen from our tree of beliefs. A belief in Satan is gone forever and that means Satan is gone forever. Satan was never real but the belief we once had, made him seem real to many. The belief in Satan is just a distant memory now, so distant that it has no power to feed our thoughts or actions any longer.


Getting Rid Of Satan Wasn’t Easy.

If you haven’t already noticed, altering such a foundational and historical belief didn’t come easy. If you are like most seekers, you had to seriously consider all that was wrapped up in your thinking about the Devil. It was a lot of hard work, prayer, study, and thinking; and that isn’t including all the rejection you have been through because you let some of your friends and family know what you were learning. With four volumes of some of the most comprehensive and thorough examination of Satan and all that is connected to him under your belt, you are ready to take a break. You might be ready to move on to gentler things. Things that don’t require such an emotional and intellectual investment. You have put the pieces together on a thousands-year-old idea that has become truth to most of religious culture. And now you want to move to the next place in your journey. So here you are and good for you, I laud you, but many are asking, “what next?”


Now That Satan Is Finished, What Next?

Well, let me just lend a hand for a moment or two on where things might go from here. If you haven’t already noticed, the idea that there is no Satan is not new but it is not commonly heard today and, it certainly is not well received by most believers in Satan. Most believers in Satan are typically religious folk who have no tolerance for someone like you or I trying to tell them what is wrong about the belief in Satan. You, on the other hand, have evolved to such an extent in your thinking that it is now frustrating for you when people just don’t get it. Your aptitude for examining the cultural context of a biblical statement is strong and how you handle scripture and doctrine has brought you light-years from seeing things the way you used to as a person of darkened sight. In reading this book series, you realize you have come across one of the greatest reformations of religious thinking of our era. And it is all you can do to keep from “helping” people see what you now see, at every turn. For you, so much that was poorly understood before now makes so much sense. And for goodness sakes, this information is so life changing that you will look for any opportunity to point out the painfully obvious truth about Satan. Like many who have journeyed this way before you, you just can’t understand why Pastors don’t teach this biblical truth and why everyone else doesn’t see it. It is so clear now you begin to offer your challenging but compelling insight to those around you but that is a difficult spot to be in. Thankfully, you are not alone. I was there, and so has everyone else been there who moves along this path.


Is There A Way To Show Others?

So what do you do with this? Do you get up on a soapbox and preach to the passers-by? Do you plaster a billboard and blast the drivers on the 401 with the fact there is no Satan? Do you host meetings and bring in speakers or show videos about the issue? How about going door to door or getting in the face of everyone in your path, telling them there is no Satan. While you’re at it, you could enlighten your listeners to the notion that to believe Satan is real is to have two Gods? Well, those are all viable options for advancing the truth on this topic; but maybe there is a better way. Perhaps this delicate truth calls for a less antagonistic and more effective way of sharing wisdom on the topic. This info is too good to keep to yourself so perhaps there is a way to move this thinking along to others that won’t hit the hot button of the listener when he or she is told Satan is not real.


Be Gentle It’s My First Time

Imagining there is no Satan is a big step in this world of media driven hypersensitive supernatural consciousness. Getting to the end of this page is filled with many theological speed bumps and hurdles. As far as we have come in this subject even you and I aren’t too proud to admit we are still working out questions we have about some of these things. All that in mind, I just bet we are not so different you and I. Maybe you still aren’t confident you can comprehensively elucidate every aspect or component of this understanding. But even so, you are not going to let that keep you from jumping in and sharing what you can. And there is a way to do such sharing. It is my suggestion that you be gentle with family and friends on this one. The effort to be gentle really needs to be taken to heart and this one. For most of the people in our path, the idea that Satan does not exist has never been placed in front of them. So on many levels it is their first time hearing this. I guarantee, it will go far better, with immeasurably more benefit and less pain, if you are gentle when sharing this information. Gentle is safer when dealing with such sensitive and emotionally charged information, such as the idea that Satan isn’t real. You wouldn’t walk up to someone you’re close to and blurt out, “Your dog is dead,” without considering how hearing such news might make them feel. And even though the understanding there is no Satan or Hell is possibly the most exciting and liberating thing you have learned; for the recipient of such news it can be troubling and scary. Information of this nature can cause them to recoil and withdraw into a “kill the messenger” feeling towards you. For some to hear there is no Satan is like telling them their Mother never loved them. That is hard to take. I gotta say, if you or I felt a person was more interested in giving us the life changing news that our dog had died instead of showing interest in how we might feel upon hearing the news, we would be repelled by not only the news but by the person as well. So if you haven’t figured it out already, the best way to broach a subject like this is SENSITIVELY.
Different people will hear this message in different ways and it is your job now to be sensitive to how the varied listeners will best hear the message. In this way, you will find many will be open to hearing you on this again. If you truly see value in what you have to say, and you truly value the person who you have to say it to, then there is little chance you will hit their off-switch when you tell them the Good News about the devil and Hell. Being gentle and sensitive to the audience has never harmed anyone’s cause.


Be Wise As A Serpent

From this point on you have the power to share whatever you have learned in many ways. You can share it with passion, you can share it with anger, you can share it apologetically, but if you decide there is a benefit to the hearer to hear this info, you will do well to share it wisely. Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove on this one, to coin a phrase. And because we have discovered the serpent is not Satan in any way, I’d like to encourage you to express your serpent side as much as you’d like. Your serpently wisdom will be an important part in helping people move forward in the learning process. A process that reveals there is no Satan, no Hell, no demons, no devils, no demonic possession, ghosts, dead souls that have come back to speak, or any supernatural evil entity who has power to harm man or thwart God. Through that process, many will conceptualize that any idea of Satan is an idea that there is another god. As many before us have come to understand, so too will the learner see that man-made Gods that come from man’s ideas are nothing according to the Scriptures.


When Traditions And Doctrine Masquerade As Truth

As you continue to explore and share, take heart, be brave, and love truth but think about holding truth loosely. Why hold truth loosely? The answer is, because not only do none of us own the truth, but your truth might change. Even though the truth is unchangeable, what we believe to be truth has an interesting ability to evolve. And with all that is within me, I encourage you to keep asking questions, finding answers, and loving the truth more than the familiar traditions and doctrines that masquerade as truth.

It may not be easy to advance thinking in your circles on the truth about Satan but believe me, thinking is advancing even in spite of our efforts at times. Truth has a way of advancing that is far more mysterious than you or I can often see. So, as I close the books on the Satan of Christianity and declare with certainty the truth that Satan is finished and therefore there is only one God, I thank you for the privilege of having had you page through my work. And if indeed it is the truth that there is only One God and no Satan, I return one last time to embrace the words of Arthur Schopenhauer;


All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
Arthur Schopenhauer
German philosopher
 (1788 - 1860)



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