How Satan Got Into The New Testament

James R. Brayshaw

In a world where evil abounds and the paranormal becomes normal to many, a world where many think the dead can speak and demons possess the souls of innocents, people everywhere claim these are the works of Satan. But is Satan real? 'Imagine There's No Satan' takes an in depth look at who and what Satan is. Where does the idea of a cosmic Satan come from? Does the God of the Bible really allow an evil being to harm humans and torture dead souls in hell?

You will be guaranteed to look at the existence of Satan from a new and liberating perspective after you've read Imagine There's No Satan - Volume 2 of Satan Christianity's Other God

Satan is exposed as a myth of ancient cultures; repackaged, mishandled, seasoned with mysticism, and woven into the fabric of Christianity. Today you and I are offered the traditional view of Satan, a view that leaves little room for logic.The other option is to find for ourselves that Satan never was real. Satan only exists in the imagination of man and lives in the lore of storytellers from the past.

If you have ever wondered how God can allow Satan to exist, where dead souls go, if a psychic can truly contact the dead using the power of Satan, or if Hell really exists, then you will want to read every word of 'Imagine There's No Satan'. Get ready; because Satan is about to disappear forever and you'll see that God can exist without Satan. All you have to do to get started is 'Imagine There's No Satan'!

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