Could Satan Be Less Than You've Been Told?

The idea of Satan existing is not a new idea. Not even in the grand scheme of recorded history. Supposedly Satan has been around since the beginning of time but does the idea of Satan have its origins in the Bible? Where in the Bible is Satan said to exist as a literal cosmic entity? Where in the Bible are we taught that Satan controls the dark and torturous underworld called Hell? Where in the Bible are we taught about a soul dying and being trapped forever in a burning chamber of flames that lap the skin and sear the flesh? Flames that burn yet don’t destroy that which it is burning? Does the bible teach that you might be the recipient of an eternal life in hell … or could this all be a misunderstanding?

Let’s take a brief journey to find out if Satan is real. We are going to find out where the idea of a second God-like creature came from and how we have been given a uniquely Christian picture of the malevolent one. With a little effort we will start to see all the references to Satan and the like in the Bible the way a Hebrew thinker would understand them.

Throughout the Old Testament we are treated to relatively few references to Satan and the Devil. In fact the word sawtawn that we see in the Hebrew Scriptures never referred to the name of an angel cast out of heaven. But I will get to that fallen angel idea in a moment.

Back we go to before the 6th Century BCE.

Long before the Jews were carted off to Babylon as captives of a world power they had encountered what the Bible speaks of as Yahweh. This was said to be the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Moreover, this intriguingly powerful God claimed to be the only God. All that happened in the cosmos was said to come from His hand. Both good and evil were said to emanate from this eternal and sovereign being. His claim was that there is no other god, there never was any other god, and there will never be any other God that is like Him in any way. The gist is that there is no other supernatural entity that can do the things God does. No other being who brings either good or evil. The Bible God says “I make peace and I create evil.” The Bible God says, I am God and there is none else” the Bible God says “There are no Gods but one” and if that is not enough, this seemingly arrogant God who denies the existence of any other supernatural being says; Unto you it was shown, that you might know that the LORD he is God; there is none else beside him.” Deu 4:35 

This god, the one Christendom claims to testify about, seems to believe He is the only God. And that is intrinsically connected to the idea that there is no Satan







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